rewiring the brainWe are continuing to examine the limiting paradigms that are probably popping up as you are working on your goals, intentions or aspirations you have set for this year. Remember those habitual behavioral patterns held in the subconscious mind. Generally they are other people’s habits passed on to us from one generation to another. Our paradigms control our perception, time, effectiveness, productivity, our ability to earn money, etc.; they can even control our logic. They are so deeply entrenched in our subconscious and are what guides our behavior and how we make choices.

What we don’t realize is that our subconscious mind runs the habit programming 95% of the time. It is running the show. So we are creating our life mostly from subconscious programming. If we are not cultivating new paradigms, the old ones run automatically (even without our awareness). So our job as a “paradigm detective” is not over.

So what can we do to counter this?

Generally we use our conscious mind about 5% of the time. So if we strengthened the use of our intellectual or creative faculties, we would use more of our conscious mind. These faculties are reason, the will, perception, memory, intuition and imagination. It is our job to continuously plant new seeds of creation and pull the weed seeds with our intellectual faculties in the gardens of our mind. Now this is easier said than done.

We need to re-write or re-wire the old programs (limiting paradigms) and then we have to work at it with repetition. We need to create a new powerful well-defined goal or intention. Then choose powerful new affirmations that will support the goal or intention. Create written, auditory, kinesthetic, and visual imprinting material that will be repeated for a minimum of 30 days at least 3-5 minutes daily. Develop an emotional trigger that you can use to link with your new vision. In NLP we call this anchoring in a good feeling. The emotional linking will trigger the subconscious and rewire the old patterns.

Since we are dealing with habits that are very ingrained, repetition is the name of the game. So be mindful, be present, and repeat these steps over and over to develop a new habit. Help these new habits or paradigms grow through constant application of attention and life energy.

Here’s to your success!


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